A Book Out of This World

A Book Out of This World

Are you interested in space? Aliens? Planets? If you answered yes to any of those, then you’ll want to read this new series by John Kloepfer. He wrote the series Zombie Chasers. Now he’s back with a new series called Galaxy’s Most Wanted.

These books are for ages 8 and up. This book is about a group of kids at a STEM camp. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Math.

The kids in one STEM club are called the Extraordinary Terrestrials or ET. The group includes Kevin, Tara, Warner and TJ. Their rivals are Alexander and the Vainglorious Math Nerds , Luke and Dante.

The Extraordinary Terrestrials make a machine, called a Galactiscope, out of a PS4, a crystal, glue and many other parts. It is able to contact aliens from Outer Space.

The Vainglorious Math Nerds get in the way of everything ET tries to do. They show off with their hover boards and rub their wins in Kevin’s face. Until Kevin meets Mim…

Kevin contacted this purple alien named Mim who crash landed in the lake next to their camp. Everyone thinks that Mim is the greatest alien… But what happens when Mim becomes evil and tries to eat the world??

Find out in this new series by John Kloepfer!!


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