Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

image5image8 image7 image6  image4 image3 image2 image1     November 27th.  A national holiday in the United States called Thanksgiving is celebrated on this day. There are many traditions that are celebrated on Thanksgiving. The most popular tradition celebrated on Thanksgiving is eating turkey. My favorite tradition is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year, I had the pleasure of getting to watch the parade, live. While many people watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on the TV, watching live is something that everyone should experience. I, however, did not have to watch from outside. I had the advantage of being able to watch from inside. I experienced the parade from the inside of a close friend’s office building. We watched from the twelfth floor, and still had a phenomenal view. The office was on 41st street, so we were about in the middle of the parade. The floats took some time after the parade started to get to where we were. However, the office provided a perfect view of the parade. The parade came down the street right in front of the office, and then it went down the side of the building, so you could view the floats from different angles. We did have to open the windows slightly, to be able to fully experience the volume of the marching bands and the cheering and excitement of the crowd.

The only negative about watching from inside, was that the banners that were held in front of the floats, that said the names of the floats and the celebrities on the floats, were not legible from the 12th floor. I was sad to discover that I had missed many celebrities, especially Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas.

I enjoyed many aspects of the parade. I really loved one of the groups that walked in the parade. It seemed that it was a dance team with hundreds of girls, aged approximately at 12-15 years old. I also appreciated the marching bands. They played modern music, such as Frozen and “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars. Many floats stood out to me, but my favorite was Spiderman, possibly because I had the best view. We were looking down on the floats, so we saw Spiderman, as if he was flying. I also liked the float that was the band “KISS”. I was not sure if it was the actual band, or it was actors dressed as the actual band. It was almost like a stage. All of the members of the band were elevated off of the base. They were each in a corner of the float, and there was a drum set in the middle. All of the floats and marching bands were superb, and I strongly recommend making a trip to go witness the Annual Macy’s Day Parade next year!


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