Times Square and Rockefeller Center

Times Square is amazing, as is Rockefeller Center. If you are a tourist you will love it. You can go from cool restaurants to amazing musicals. In Times Square you can drink great coffee. There is also a big screen where you can see yourself. You can go on Ruby-Red steps. They rise 16 feet over 47th Street.

To the right of the steps is the show, The Illusionists. (Best magicians in the world!) You can also go to Grand Central Station; but you’ll have to do a lot of walking. It is east of Times Square. You can go to M&M World and get cool souvenirs for family and friends.

Often there are street performers in Times Square. One time, my brother was called up to participate in one of the street performers’ parkour stunts! The guy jumped over 5 people including my brother! It was amazing.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was huge. It would be even bigger if they wouldn’t have taken it out of the ground! I was horrified to see all the people there. To get through you had to push your way into the crowd. I got all the way to the front! The way out was even worse.

There are endless activities to partake in or see around Times Square and Rockefeller Center. After I left Rockefeller Center, I saw a light show on a building! It was weird. After that I went to The Museum of Modern Art and saw people drawing pictures with bread!

As you can see this is why you should visit Times Square and Rockefeller Center. It is a wonderful experience!