Weather Changes

Lately if you look outside in Northern New York you might not be able to because of this fluffy, white, horrifying SNOW! Hopefully Phil (the groundhog) is happy without his shadow, because nobody else is! Anyways, there is suppose to be 6 more weeks of winter and with this weather maybe more. An average temperature now is between 25-1 degrees and an average windshield temperature is something below zero. Also most schools in Rochester and other cities were closed on Monday February, 2 2015 for a snow day. If you are in Florida it a chilly over there, it has been around fifty and sixty degrees! That is huge drop if your comparing to their normal weather. There has been around two feet of snow lately in New York and ask Floridians how they feel now! There is so much snow you could make a five foot tall  snowman!

Next time you play in the snow you should careful because not only could you easily get stuck, you can suffocate! If you go out to play don’t try to bury yourself in snow  because it might be fun then but not when you can’t breathe. This does not mean don’t go out and play, this just means stay focused and make smart choices while you’re outside. When your outside you should also dress very warm and appropriate for the monstrous weather. That would be a pair of mittens, a winter coat, snow pants, boots and a scarf and hat. But if your only going somewhere and back you should only wear a winter coat and maybe a hat and scarf.This should remind of not only New York’s weather it should remind you of the weather in “Frosty The Snowman”.

Many people think that the weather would end, well where are those people now? It seems that the weather is just getting worse, and not only for New Yorkers. There are many states that are showered  with “winter”. So next time you go outside you can get in a good argument with Mother Nature!


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