A Little Plush Friend

A Little Plush Friend

lbp images for ARILUPHave you ever wanted to have a little friend that can do almost everything imaginable? Do you want to soar the skies? Do you want to run fast and jump high? Do you want to be stronger than a boulder? Well, then Little Big Planet 1, 2, 3 and Karting are your games!

Creative Mode

In the Little Big Planet World, anything is possible! Fire breathing dragons, sack-bots that run around in pipes, and even the first man-soup. You can build almost anything in Create or My Moon worlds. To open your popit, or the inventory, press the purple square button. To move freely around your inventory, push around the R, for right, stick on the controller.

To pick a category, press the blue X button. To exit your popit, press the red circle button twice, once if you are at the popit “title screen.” To build, go to the section of your popit titled “Goodies Bag.”

Pick a material to build with and choose a shape to build with. Hold down X to place some material in your world. Hold down the green triangle button over the material to erase it.

With all those tutorials, you will be sure to be an expert in Creative Mode.

Adventure Mode

In adventure, or story mode, you go on a huge adventure through many worlds that the game creator has built for you.

You will go on many adventures, collect many new items, and gain many gem points. If you are playing on multiplayer, all of your points will tally up and present the player with the highest score a tiny, floating, golden, trophy with a big blue #1 on it. Confetti will fall everywhere in your honor.

In LBP3, you also are supposed to collect collect-a-bells that you can cash in to buy cool, new costumes. Costumes include but are not limited to Regal Wolf, Pug, Lizard and Flower Girl.

New Editions

In LBP3, many new sack characters are in the game.

Oddsock is a wolf-like sack-thing that runs super-fast and jumps super high.

Toggle is a humanoid sack-thing that can change from a Little Toggle that can run on water and jump high, to a strong, heavy Big Toggle that can punch walls.

Swoop is a bird-like sack-thing that can fly and swoop down to grasp things by pressing R1, the back button.


Explore this world of Little Big Planets!

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