Is This The End?

Is This The End?

Hey! I’m back again! With Freddy and friends in a third installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. All of these games were made by Scott Cawthon. I am reviewing the third game.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is a point and click horror game. You play as a security guard for a horror attraction called ‘Fazbear’s Fright!’ in a local amusement park.  it is based around the unsolved, horrible goings on in the pizzerias the last few decades. it is a damp, old place and has bad electricity. Phone Guy on night 1 even says how run down the old place is, even telling you that there is a very high risk for fires!

To play the game, you first have to click New Game or Continue Game. when you get in the game, automatically, a phone begins ringing and a helpful message is played. After the message, or when the message is still playing, get into the cameras and find Springtrap.

He is the only animatronic you have to worry about right now. When you see him in a room, try to lure him to CAM 8. CAM 8 is the safest place to keep him because you can see his whole body and there are no vents in there. to lure him, click the button ‘Play Audio’ in the cameras. he has a 50% chance to follow it to a room near where he is. It sounds like Balloon Boy from the second game. It is children’s laughter and BB saying ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello!’ No one is sure about why he follows it, but Scott does.

Your audio can stop working, which can cause Springtrap to move closer. The ventilation can stop working, too. That blacks out your screen for a second then comes back on over and over again. You can’t see Springtrap, which means he gets even closer.  When you loose the ability to check the cameras, you can’t see a thing on the cameras but pitch-black and static. But, you can reboot all of these things that go offline when you pull up the maintenance panel. Just hit the reboot all button and you’ll be out of the dark in no time!

Of course Scott, that tricky Scott Cawthon added more than one animatronic. he added almost all of the normal animatronics in, as phantoms. he added Phantom Chica, Mangle, Foxy, Golden Freddy (Freddy), Balloon Boy and The Puppet. When all of the phantoms jumpscare you, they don’t end your game. they disappear then the ventilation goes offline and you have to reboot it up again. Mangle and the puppet don’t jumpscare you, but they do appear and do something to your maitinence panel.

Springtrap is a yellow bunny like animatronic. The is all withered and ripped up. he has a big smile on his face. he can alter his eyelids, a common thing most animatronics cant do themselves. he doesn’t have eyebrows.

All of the phantoms have a model from FNAF 2, except for Chica. They are all charred and burnt and have white and black human eyes. They are very spooky.

the mini-games in this game happen after every night. You always will be an animatronic, whether it’s Freddy, Bonnie, Chica or Foxy. At the end, you are a spooky ghost out to do something for vengeance. A purple Freddy will appear and tell you ‘FOLLOW ME.’ Follow him, just to get the mini-game over. But, look for clues in the mini-games to unlock more. To get the ‘Good Ending.’

Many people speculate that this is the last game in the franchise, besides the movie coming out next year. But, what is on right now? Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 teasers. See you again in October!fnaf 3

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