Follett Challenge: We Won!


fcThe Follett Challenge is a book competition that challenges children to go online to to vote for your favorite school video. Our school video was “Team PARP!” This video had students who were interviewed, teachers who explained why to vote for the Team PARP! video, and more.

PARP is a program that my school participates in to encourage children to read with parents or guardians. PARP stands for Parents As Reading Partners. This program is for grades Kindergarten-6th grade.

This challenge was all about voting. If your school votes for your video, many many times, your school video can move into 1st place. For example, if all the fifth graders vote one day, and let’s say that we are in 6th place, then our school may be able to move up to 5th place. Even teachers can vote too! If the video stayed in 1st place, we would have won $30,000. But all school districts in 10th place and up won $8,000 for new books to go in their school libraries.

Our school got very lucky. We won $8,000 for new books. There were many kinds of books added to our library such as, Bad Magic, Vanishing Emerald, a new Dork Diaries book. After the challenge, when I walked into our school library, I saw that there was something that changed. There were a lot books on the shelves. The library looked more alive than ever.

Our school librarian, Mrs. Mylan, chose the new books for our library by asking all of the students at the William L. Buck School what books we recommended.

I interviewed our school librarian. She thought other school districts should consider participating in the Follett Challenge. Mrs. Mylan said, “The Follett Challenge brought everyone together, working towards a common goal.” She also explained that, “It brought brand new books into our school library that students would enjoy. The Follett Challenge was exciting and fun!”

If you want to check out our school’s video Team PARP, then click on the link below.