cows and llamas


1280px-Lama-001Do you like llamas and cows? Cows are very domestic animals and so are llamas, but they have both differences and similarities.


Llamas and cow live closer than you think. Llamas live mostly in North America, South America, and Europe. Cows live in North America, Europe, and Australia. They both live all over the world but these are the places there most popular. Cows sacred in India. Llamas are sacred in South America. Sacred means they would not injure or hurt the animals.


Llamas and cows eat pretty much the same thing. Llamas eat grass, wild flowers, leaves, corn, and other plants. Cows eat grass, wheat, grains, and cud. Cows take 70 to100 hours to digest there meals. Llamas take 50 to 60 hours to digest ther food. If llamas cows don’t stay healthy they won’t be able to produce there products that people need and make money off of.


Cows and llamas have many features to stay alive. Some features of llamas are  their fluffy fur to stay warm in the winter, hard teeth so they could eat hard things, and cows have also large teeth to grind there food. They also have long tails. This helps them swat bugs away.


There are many sanctuaries across the U.S but Alyssa and I chose these. The first llama sanctuary we interviewed was The Llama Sanctuary in British Columbia, Canada. Funny name but that is what it is called. I asked them “why did you start the sanctuary?” David the owner says “Because we learned of a llama who was about to be taken to the meat factory, since his keeper was afraid of him.  We were told we could have him if we could catch him.  Of course, he wanted to come home with us.  Then we learned of more llamas that were being shot or abandoned or set free in the forest and before we knew what was happening, we had a field of llamas and many more people informing us of more tragic stories.” That is the only sanctuary that emailed us back for both llamas and cows.