Lake Placid Horse Show!!


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I visited the Lake Placid Horse Show on June 28, 2015. While I was there, I had the opportunity to speak with Marty Bauman who has worked with the Horse Show for 35 years. He said the Horse Show has been running since 1970.

He also said that there are 2 types of jumpers, hunters and jumpers.

Jumpers are judged by their time and faults, while hunters are judged on technique, time and faults. When a rider knocks over a jump it is called a fault.

The Horse Show has 4 rings in which riders compete. I visited The Grand Prix ring.

The ring was surrounded by spectators on bleachers. When a horse knocked over a jump the crowd reacted with a OH!!

Some of the horses were feeding off the energy while others were not.

While I was there I also saw some trainers and riders with their horses grooming them and preparing them for the competition. I saw riders wearing a dress shirt and a jacket, almost like a tuxedo, streachy pants and boots.

There were 700 riders in this years Horse Show and their ages ranged from 7 to 60+. This year there were 3 Horse Show weeks. The 1st was the Lake Placid Horse Show. The 2nd was the I ❤️ NY Horse Show and the 3rd was the Adirondack Horse Show.