I’m Eating What?? Chicken Farm Cruelty.

Have you ever taken a bite of a delicious chicken salad sandwich from local farms? Or maybe Tyson chicken nuggets?? Have you ever eaten a hard boiled egg? Do you know where those come from? Many people will say free ranging chicken farms where every chicken is super happy. But, that’s not where they come from. The chicken you buy at Wegman’s and Tops are not what you think. The eggs bought at Target or Hannaford are just as bad. Today, we are going to investigate these two farms, meat chicken farms and egg farms to see what almost every American  is consuming.

Meat Chicken Farms

Everywhere you look, you see labels on chicken at stores saying stuff like ‘Locally Grown!’ and ‘Happy Chicken Farms.’ But, don’t be fooled. At actual chicken farms, it is havoc. The chickens are all together in one long, large shed and are confined with countless thousands of others around them. This causes some of them to break their legs, and they just sit there in pain. These chickens also loose over 40 percent of their feathers here. If you took a look at these chickens, you would notice something. Not all of them are alive right next to each other! Dead chickens and baby chicks are the second most common thing in this whole farm, the first being the chickens without any feathers. The chicks who are at this farm have a mere chance of survival to grow up. Lots of baby chicks die here. For more on this meat chicken horror, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE9l94b3x9U

Egg Farms

Did you think the meat farms were bad? Let me explain the egg farms first. In egg farms, there are only female chickens to lay the eggs. Makes sense so far. But, what these lady chickens have to go through is shocking. All of them are lined up in crowded cages and are crushed together. Each chicken is olny given enough space inside a cage as a piece of loose leaf notebook paper. And when one of these chickens die, they get left there, sometimes right next to a ‘fresh’ egg. When investigating, people found a dead chicken rotting next to the rest of the live ones. When they cleaned out the cages, they filled a whole barrel of dead chickens and when investigated, they found a live one in with the dead ones. And ‘to prevent injury’ the farm cuts off the chickens’ beaks!! Sounds farfetched, but they use a heated blade to get rid of their beaks. Another bad thing is injury and sickness. Chickens sometimes get stuck and hurt from the wire cage. Many die after they get their necks and heads caught and ripped. The chickens there also have a variety of nasal and eye sicknesses that can spread to the other chickens. The investigators took 3 of the chickens and rescued them. Now, they are doing much better. Here’s the video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLagc6YaxlI

So, are you going to help us take down these farms for animals? Let them free range? Who’s side are you on? If you love animals, help these chickens!!Chicken_FactoryFarm

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