A Very Nearly Honorable Adventure

The Buccaneers Code, By Caroline Carlson

A Very Nearly Honorable Adventure

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.21.00 PMIf you are an 8-12 year old and looking for a hilarious book to read, then I highly recommend The Buccaneers Code by Caroline Carlson. It’s full of hilarious lines and is guaranteed to crack you up.

It is about a girl named Hilary who is a pirate. She used to be a student at a finishing school called Miss Pimm’s. In the first two books in the series (called the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates), she fights for the right to become a pirate and earns her title as the Terror of the Southlands. Now she prepares to challenge V.N.H.L.P president Rupert Blacktooth to try to become the league’s president. Blacktooth, another pirate, has battled Hilary before. He and his group want all the magic in the kingdom.

On Hilary’s side are her friend Claire, a gargoyle, a large group of Miss Pimm’s students, the Augusta Water Ballet, a group of assorted pirates, and the Enchantress, the person currently in charge of magic. The gargoyle is a hilarious stone head without legs. He considers himself Hilary’s most ardent fan. He also enjoys wearing hats and nipping enemy ankles. Claire has an unnerving tendency to explode things she uses magic on. She is studying magic with Miss Pimm.

Hilary has been preparing for the battle for months but Blacktooth doesn’t fight honestly. Hilary and her friends have to work together to try to win the battle.

I like this book because it was very funny and it kept you in suspense for a lot of it. I liked the ending and felt like all the characters (good and bad) got what they deserved. The story is partly told through newspaper articles and letters, which makes it an interesting read. I also enjoyed reading about a girl in an unusual role (being a pirate!) that you don’t see often in other books.

So if you’re looking for a story about friendship and adventure, read this book!