Author of the American Chiller Series


In November, I attended the NYS Reading Association Conference in Saratoga, and thought I had the opportunity to interview children’s book author Jonathan Rand.

But in fact, I was really interviewing Christopher Wright! He writes both children’s and adult’s books, using the pseudonym Jonathan Rand for children’s books, and Christopher Knight for adult’s books.

He mainly writes fiction horror stories. He is currently writing a series called the American Chillers, where each book is set in a different state. He plans on visiting all of the states, which is how he gets his information for writing the series. So far he has written 97 books.

The only person he lets see his books before they’re published, other than the publisher, is his wife. The book usually goes back and forth between him and the publisher, who is also his editor, about 2 or 3 times before it is published.
Rand said that one of his favorite books is “My Side of the Mountain.” He said that the hardest thing about being a writer is continuing on. He writes every day. When he can’t think of a good story to write about, he just writes about anything, like what happened the day before.

He says writing every day is the best thing for an aspiring author.