An Underground Garden?

Has it ever occurred to you that a garden could be underground? That is what the Lowline in Manhattan plans to accomplish. They will build a garden under pavement.

The Lowline is going to be an underground park. If you have ever been to the High Line in New York City, it is sort of like that, only on a smaller scale and underground. There will be lots of plants, as well as paths and some plain open space. Currently, it is not open yet, but you can visit the Lowline Lab where they have information about it. Once the Lowline is opened, it will be about 3 city blocks, the size of a football field.

The timeline of the Lowline will go and has gone something like this: In 2010 James Ramsey and Dan Barasch introduced the idea. In October 2015 the Lowline Lab opened. The rest has not happened, so it’s with luck going to happen by these dates. By 2017, construction hopefully will be underway. If all goes as planned, the lowline will be open to the public by 2020!

The Lowline Lab is an informative center. It explains how they will get light in through solar panels. As Dan Barasch, one of the co-founders, says, “It’s just light and mirrors, which is a simple way of describing it.”

Also in the lab is a garden of test plants. Meg Collins, who works at the Lab, says that some of the most successful plants have been ferns and mosses. The sample garden is very pretty, with hanging airplants and curved wooden walkways.

Kids can be involved in the Lowline by telling their schools about the Young Designers Program, which is a STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). School groups can take a field trip there for free. Another way you can be involved is by visiting and giving feedback.

For more information about the Lowline and Lab, go to The Lowline Lab is open to visitors on weekends.