Challenger learning Center

Challenger learning Center
students working on the "ship"
students working on the “ship”
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A student working on the isolation team

Mars is nicknamed the Red Planet. It is the 4th planet from the sun. It is about 141.6 million miles from the sun. Mars also has two moons!

A few months ago they found water on Mars! Not like river or lakes but it is a start to possibly having life on Mars. At the Challenger Learning Center, I had the experience to see what it’s like to launch a probe to the planet Mars.

In the Challenger Learning Center in Rochester, only school classes are allowed to experience this amazing experiment. People are divided up into teams, and each team is very busy and all of the team’s jobs are very important.

There are 8 teams: Communication, Navigation, Medical, Isolation, Life Support, Probe, Remote, and Data.

The communication team communicates from the ship back to the control center.

Navigation team helps guide the ship to the planet Mars.

Medical team takes test [like eye sight] to see if you are okay.

The Isolation team looks at radioactive chemicals from Mars.

Life Support looks at water temperature and, atmosphere level.

Probe team builds the probe to launch to Mars.

Remote team works with globes that insert into a tube. You pick up objects in the bubble, those objects are from Mars.

Finally we have the Data team. They take data from all of the other teams and report it back to mission control.

The trip to CLC was super fun and I will never forget it. It was very educational. I learned so much about Mars. I hope that someday it will be open for the whole public and not just classes.