Nancy Clancy: Soccer Mania (Book 6)

Nancy Clancy: Soccer Mania (Book 6)


“Nancy Clancy: Soccer Mania,” by Jane O’ Conner, is a book about a girl named Nancy who is not that great a soccer player and just wants to be mediocre (that means to be average or in the middle of something). Nancy’s friend Bree tries to help her but no matter how much she tries Nancy just can’t improve her skills enough to become mediocre. Then, it’s the last game of the season, will Nancy make it?

I liked this book because I liked how it took a team effort to help Nancy try to become a mediocre soccer player!

There were also some moments in this book that told me what a good friend Nancy is to her friends. For example, Nancy and her friend Bree went to cheer for their other friend Lionel, which shows me what good friends Bree and Nancy are to Lionel.

I would recommend this book to kids ages 8-9. I think that both girls and boys would like this book, as long as they like soccer.