Alien In My Pocket 6 Forces of Nature

Alien In My Pocket 6 Forces of Nature

Alien In My Pocket 6 Forces of Nature, written by Nate Ball , is a book about a boy “Zack” who is going on a camping trip and had a little blue alien named “Amp”. Zack’s whole family goes on the camping trip but they don’t know that Zack has a little blue alien friend coming with them.

When they get to the camping ground the guard asked for their tickets but Zack’s dad forgot them. Amp has this special power to trick people’s minds so they can smell disgusting things. Amp tricked the guard into smelling rotting eggs so the guard let them go. When they got to their campground it was late at night so they went to sleep.

When everyone was sleeping Zack’s dad snored “like a volcano” and his brother “sleep laughs” so Zack couldn’t go to sleep. Amp got lost, but Amp and Zack knew each other so well that they could communicate with their minds. Zack found Amp and for some reason Amp reviews what humans do to his planet by talking to a little watch. The next morning there was a little fire on logs that no one made. Zack’s family was ready to go home but there were two giant grizzly bears inside of the car.

Read the book to find out what happens next.

I liked this book it was very adventurous and always kept me on the edge of my seat.I recommend this book to anyone 8-10 years old.