Stella by Starlight

Stella by Starlight

“Stella by Starlight” takes place in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Eleven-year-old Stella is sleeping in her bed when her brother Jojo comes running up to her room.

They rush downstairs, out the door, and behind a bush near the pond. Stella pokes her head out from the bush just enough to see the most horrible sight she had ever seen, the cross of her church being burned by the Klan!

Crazy things are happening all over. Jojo claims that he saw a cow with no head! The Spencer family’s house down the block was set on fire by the Klan too!

Stella’s father, Pastor Patton, and Mr.Spencer all went to register to vote. Stella went with them. The man at the desk told them that they were not allowed to vote because they were African American but Stella recited the rights they had so finally they were allowed to. Even though they had to pay and answer questions about the country, they finally voted.

Later into the book a grown man beats up Stella’s friend. Stella runs to town and gets a grown-up but by the time they get back the man is gone.

This book is great and it is a true story. The author’s grandma told her about her life so the author made it into a book. As I said it is a great book so I think you should read it too!