Distinctive Dolls

Distinctive Dolls

If you or your friends like dolls, you can find out what dolls you would like to have for yourself or to get for your friends.

One kind of doll that you (or your friends) might like are Barbie dolls. These dolls are fun for you to play with, because there are many different dolls that you can get to include in your games, and you can get different clothes.

Sometimes, you can get a big closet that is big enough to hold 5 or more dresses. You might like the idea that you could get pets and houses for those dolls. Barbie dolls are just one kind of doll that you might like. But these dolls can break easily; One time my Barbie’s head came off, so be careful with them.

You also might like Bratz dolls. You can design your own dress for your doll, or get different clothes for it. You can also get a car for your Bratz dolls. Bratz dolls are cool. There are 5 girls. Two of those girls’ names are Yasmin and Jade.

The final doll that I like is an American Girl doll. They have dolls that look like you and dolls that look like people who lived before us. The store in New York has lots of stuff inside. They have clothes for you to match your doll. The cool thing is that there is a restaurant inside the store! They have seats for the dolls to eat with you.