A Travel in Time Through an Amusement Park

An exhibit on the history of Coney Island.

Recently, I went to an exhibit on the history of Coney Island at the Brooklyn Museum. I enjoyed it a lot. Part of why I liked it is some of the photography. I also enjoyed the paintings.

The exhibit begins with late 19th century paintings of the beach at Coney Island, which I thought were sort of boring.

Next it goes into a room with movie clips, photos, paintings, and old objects. I thought that this room was very interesting because of the use of multimedia.

The rest of the exhibit went that way, with multiple types of things to teach you. I liked this because even though I admire amazing painters, I feel like it can honestly get a little boring to only look at paintings. This was not boring at all because of the photos and the objects.

I think that if you have ever been to Coney Island, you will enjoy this exhibit especially. If you have not been, you might still enjoy it; it’s just that you don’t know what Coney Island is like now. That is not required to understand the exhibit, it just adds to the wow factor at the beginning.

I really enjoyed this exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and hope that you do too.

The rest of the museum is equally cool and their hours are 11am to 6pm.


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