I Am Malala


malalaA lot of people know who Malala Yousafzai is because of her fight for girl’s education. Her autobiography, ““I am Malala,” is about her life, her journey, and the path to recovery and success.

It all starts with Malala as a little girl in Pakistan. All Malala wants to do is go to school and learn but once she gets older it’s harder to go to school.

Before the Taliban started to invade the beautiful Swat Valley, Malala would normally go to school. But after the Taliban came in, all girls’ schools were either shut down or were bombed if they wouldn’t close.

The Taliban have religious beliefs that girls shouldn’t go to school, they should stay at home take care of the children and clean. Malala had different ideas: She wanted to get an education and she wanted to be a doctor. So Malala chose to fight against the Taliban. But what happened then was something horrific.

One day on her way back from school the Taliban targeted Malala and shot her. After the shooting she was transported to 3 different hospitals, and had many operations to help with shooting. She was shot in the face around her left ear.

Today, Malala  is still speaking about girl’s education and how all girls should be able to attend school.
Also Malala doesn’t live in Swat Valley anymore. Ever since her last operation she has lived in Birmingham, England, because now there is a bigger risk of her getting shot or targeted by the Taliban if she went back to Pakistan.

I hope you enjoyed reading the book I am Malala about the fascinating Malala!