Winter Carnival in Quebec

Bill and Beth Gannon with the Quebec Winter Carnival Mascot

Carnival de Québec (in Québec City, Canada) is a winter festival where there is fun everywhere. They have everything from a super long slide made entirely out of ice to giant inflatable gerbil balls you get into and try and run down a hill and knock over a giant bowling pin. The Winter Carnival has got it all.

One of the Carnivals most popular attractions is the Ice Palace were you can go inside and see the palace that is made entirely out of ice. Inside the ice palace there is a lot of history about the festival, like Bon Homme’s (the mascot of the ice festival; pronounced bon ome) scarf that he wears around his waist. There is also a “game room” were you can play pool and sit in chairs by the “fire” which is carved totally out of ice.

The Carnival is spread out in the Plains of Abraham were a battle was fought by the French and British, both trying to claim Canada. The battle only lasted 15 minutes and the British won even though the French had twice the number of soldiers.

There are two sections of the Plains were the Festival is held. The first section is where you ice skate and build snowmen. The second section is a bit more interesting. That is where the Ferris wheel, gerbil balls, dogsled racing, zip lining, climbing wall, and much more.

Not all these rides are available at the same time – sometimes they only open on certain days so it is wise to look at the schedule before planning your visit. The festival is held annually on the three weeks before Ash Wednesday, so you can always go back and do anything you missed.

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You have to buy a pass to go on or inside any of the carnival events, and since you have to tie it on you should wear a coat with a zipper or zippers. Plus it is cold so you should bundle up. If you want to go to the festival you’ll want to make sure you bring snow pants, coats, gloves, mittens, and hats.

And make sure you have at least two of everything, especially hats and gloves and socks. If your feet and hands are cold you might not want to do most of the activities. You will be doing a lot of walking so you want to make sure you are bundled up and also prepared for walking. You’ll want lace up boots and heavy socks.

You also need a passport or other identification papers to cross the border into Canada. You need to plan ahead if you go there, to make sure you have all the right things, but you should be sure to have a ton of fun because it is impossible to go there and not have a good time.