The Quebec Aquarium


a64The Quebec Aquarium is an entirely different from the ones I’ve seen here in New York. It is entirely more arctic, more boreal. About 40% of all the exhibit space was outside. However, even though the name is clearly “Aquarium,” and you wouldn’t expect to find a land animal there, there was an exhibit with an arctic fox, which is not aquatic but was very cool.

One animal is one that many aquariums don’t have, therefore being one of the few animals that many people in the U.S. may not seen, is the Walrus. The ones there did not have tusks, because they often fight with them in the wild, and they zookeepers didn’t want them injuring themselves. The adult male would often make “whistling” sounds, while the females only made the occasional grunting sound. This is because the males make those various sounds for mating purposes. One of the walruses kept smashing its face up against the glass and doing something like blowing raspberries against it. They were all very people friendly.

IMG_4020Another popular exhibit was the polar bears. The female was the one in the water most often, but occasionally the male would jump in and the female would get out. The female was very people friendly, often pressing up against the glass, and once he even mimicked a person! However, no matter how friendly it is behind glass, the feeder strapped himself to the railing with a carabiner when he was on the bridge above them during feeding time in case he fell, because once in the water the polar bears would treat him like food.

Like the Philadelphia Aquarium, they have a tunnel running through a giant fish tank, which is really cool. It makes you feel so small, so miniscule, to see fish totally surrounding you. There were also these really cool seahorses that I had never seen before. They were actually called sea dragons, and one of them looked like a plant, because it had “leaves” all over it. The other one really earned the name sea “dragon.” It looked almost like mythology had come to life before my eyes.

Unlike most aquariums, however, they had a slight overabundance of blue sea creatures. First off, they had a blue lobster. And then they had blue anemones, fish and snails! I was really surprised how many blue creatures there were.The Quebec Aquarium is worth seeing if you’re ever visiting our Northern neighbors.