An Extraordinary Book

An Extraordinary Book

If you know your science, there is a possibility that you know about something called “The Periodic Table,” which is basically a list of metals and gasses of the sort. But have you ever heard of Elktonium?

In Henry Cicada’s Extraordinary Elktonium Escapade, by David Teague, Elktonium is a new metal discovered by a scientist named Melissa Cicada, Henry Cicada’s mother who has sadly passed away. But the problem is, Elktonium has no commercial use whatsoever! The only thing Elktonium can do is sparkle and look pretty. Or so everyone thought…

Henry’s mission is to be just an ordinary kid. Which is kind of hard based on his extraordinary life.

He is a new kid, at a new school, evolving around a new metal. He even finds a dog on the sidewalk. which he named Pim Pom. But Pim Pom isn’t ordinary either, because he has lost a leg.

But when Henry’s dad, Phil Cicada creates things out of Elktonium in his free time, and creates an Elktonium doghouse for Pim Pom, things start to get odd. Henry and Pim Pom enter the doghouse and find themselves in a girl’s mind.

Her name is Lulu. She is having a hard time in life and it is up to Henry to change that. Will he be able to become ordinary after his quest?

Will he return to his dad and home? Find out after reading Henry Cicada’s Extraordinary Elktonium Escapade!

I loved the book and recommend the book for fourth graders and up. They will enjoy it most, for there is some vivid vocabulary.