A Fun Fact Book

GuinnessIf you like amazing facts about everything, you will love Biggest and Smallest by Guinness World Records. It is full of zany facts and bizarre records.

The book starts with animal records. Some of these are biggest animals like tallest horse, smallest animals like tiniest cat, and tricks such as longest jump. I thought that this section was very interesting. One thing about this part is that at the beginning it might seem a little confusing. For instance, first it will state the living biggest or smallest, then the all-time record. There are no gross records, and lots of cute animals.

Next up is the games section. It has everything from pinball machines that you can hold it your hand to Monopoly with squares as big as a person. It also contains the most people playing a game at the same time. I thought that it was full of cool information, but was not my favorite part of the book.

Section three is foods. This one doesn’t really talk about the smallests so if you mostly enjoyed the tiny items, you might not like this part. However what it does have is largest foods, largest commercially available foods, longest lines of a certain food, and food art.

The fourth section talks about largest pieces of art. In one bit, there is a large focus of supersized mosaics made of interesting materials. Specifically, there is a mosaic, which is made out of pencils. There are also sculptures, but I thought most of those weren’t as interesting.

The fifth section is about record-breaking vehicles. It talks about all kinds of vehicles, including stretch bicycles, submarines, tricycles, and monster trucks. I’m not very interested in vehicles, but I can tell that if you are you would really like this part.

Continuing, the sixth section is about collections people have and what record they break. One of them is about a man who has the largest collection of pizza boxes. Another talks about a girl who has the world’s longest rubber band chain.

The seventh and final section is about people who have broken a record with their body. This part has some gross records, so if you are at all squeamish, this may not be your favorite section. On the other hand, some of them are pretty astonishing. One man recorded had a 7.5-inch nose.

Generally, I thought that this book was very interesting and I think you will love it too.