Rocking Horse Ranch Family Resort


Recently, while there was still some snow still on the ground, I went to the Rocking Horse Ranch Family Resort, which is in Highland, with my family. When we first got there, we went snow tubing. We took a giant tube, and went up a ski lift to the top of the hill. The tubes went really fast, and there were rubber pads and carpeting at the bottom to slow you down. If you were in a single tube, you spun around while you zoomed down. There were also double tubes, so you could go down with a friend or family member. They also had nighttime tubing for after dinner, when the ice was frozen.

Another winter sport they had was skiing. My sister, my mom and I took lessons, since we had never gone before. It was really fun.

We also did trail rides, which is good to do in any weather. Ages 7 and up get to go on trail rides, which are about an hour long. If you are too young to go on the trail ride, you get to go on a pony ride. All the horses and ponies were really friendly. There are three levels of horse back riding, beginner walk, intermediate walk and trot, (trotting is a slow speed run or jog, but it’s still hard to do), and advanced. Advanced is walk, trot, and canter (canter is a fast run, and you have to take a test before you can go on the trail). If the classes are booked you can go on stand by, where you can wait and see if there is any room for you. If you wake up early enough, you can do stand by for the 8:00 am ride which usually becomes available.

At Rocking Horse Ranch there are lots of activities to do. Inside the main lobby you can play trivia games. Downstairs there is a game room, with cowboy themed bowling and arcade games. Downstairs there is also a show room where you can see magic shows at night. There is also free hot chocolate and tea downstairs, for any time you want it. You can also go to the pool, which has a HUGE water slide.

Recently, the ranch got an all year, outdoor, ice-skating rink. It’s all year because it’s not ice, it’s made of polyester, which makes it really easy for little kids and people who haven’t skated before. If you don’t have your own skates you don’t have to worry since they have rental skates too. This May (May 2016), they’re coming out with the mountain tubing, so you don’t have to wait for winter to go tubing, you can do it in the summer and spring.

This is a very fun resort, with great activities all year long to do with your family!