The Magisterium Series: Book 1, The Iron Trial


If you like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson then the Magisterium series, by Candace Clare and Holly Black, is a series that you are going to love! “The Magisterium Series: Book 1, The Iron Trial” is about a boy named Callum Hunt whose father, Alastar, doesn’t want him to go to the Magisterium- a school for young magicians. But in the end Callum fails at trying to fail. So he ends up in the Magisterium along with Tamara and Aaron, the magicians with the highest scores of the test.

As you might have guessed Callum’s father was not happy but he allows Callum to go because there was nothing he could do but believe me, he tried. While there at the Magisterium, Callum finds some enemies. But then he realizes who the real Enemy of Death is.

I really liked this book because it had mystery and ends in a shocking truth. I would also recommend this book for ages 10+.