The Story Of Matilda On Broadway

The Story Of Matilda On Broadway

I watched Matilda the Musical on Broadway. It was great!

The show is about Matilda Wormwood, who is brilliant and is in kindergarten. Her parents don’t want her and they treat her badly. Matilda has a awful, dumb brother.

The thing that the Wormwood parents hate the most is that she reads. They send her to a rotten school with a mean principal called Ms. Trunchbull! Ms. Trunchbull has a closet which has shards of broken glass and sharp thorns. It is called the Chokey.

In order to discipline the children, she throws them in there for some time. Ms. Trunchbull sometimes blames something bad on a child who has not done anything.

Matilda’s new kindergarten teacher, Ms. Honey, is very nice and teaches the problem group. Ms. Honey finds out Matilda is the smart kid in the school.

Matilda saves a lot of children from the Chokey. At one point, Matilda finds out she has magic powers. Ms. Honey takes Matilda home for a while. Mrs. Honey and Matilda develop a close relationship.

The next day when Matilda went to school the children were going to play a trick on Ms. Trunchbull by putting a lizard in her water. Ms. Trunchbull started to drink the water and then she noticed a lizard was in her water. She put the water down and blamed it on Matilda. THEN the glass fell over! Matilda believed she had made the glass fall. It was Matilda’s Magic. Ms. Trunchbull took Matilda to the Chokey.

My favorite part of the play was when Ms. Trunchbull came up to a boy named Bruce and said, “Did you eat my piece of cake in my office Brucey?”

Bruce said, “No, Ms. Trunchbull.”

“You’re lying!” said Ms. Trunchbull. She flicked her fingers and a maid came out with a cake and Ms. Trunchbull said to Bruce “She made it with her blood and sweat. Now eat it, all of it.”

Everyone started screaming “Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce” really fast. Then he took a bite.

“How do you like it Brucey?” asked Ms. Trunchbull in a mean way.

Bruce said back, “My mother’s cake is better.”

“Shut it, Brucey!” said Ms.Trunchbull.

Bruce started to eat all of it. Ms. Honey looked like she was going to cry at this point. When Bruce was done with the cake he looked like he was sick.

The music in Matilda was beautiful! I really loved it.

The seats were okay but you had no legroom. If you like music and plays, this is for you. Going to see the show is expensive, but it is worth it.