Brooke’s Not-So-Perfect Plan

Brooke's Not-So-Perfect Plan

I read the book Confidentially Yours Brooke’s Not-So-Perfect Plan by Jo Whittemore. Brooke and her two friends, Vanessa and Heather, are very nervous about their first day in middle school. They soon decide to create an advice column in the school newspaper, but they will have to be working with a boy.

Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, things turned upside down for Brooke! She is the advice columns’ team captain, she has to practice soccer, do homework, work on her student council poster, get a soccer uniform, write a script, make a video for her history class, answer a question for the advice column, spend time with her friends and family, and she has to sleep at some point. Brooke wanted to lighten up her schedule, but she didn’t want to let anyone down. Brooke had no idea what to do; It was either deal with it, or cancel on some people.

To find out what Brooke does, you should read the book. In my opinion, I think this was an awesome book and I would recommend it for girls ages 9+.