So Good I’m “Wishing” For More

If you are a 9-13 year old looking for a new book to read, I suggest “Wishing Day,” by Lauren Myracle.

In the town Natasha lives in, almost every girl on the third month after her 13th birthday go up to the willow tree on the hill, to make her three wishes. When Natasha takes her turn, her wishes unleash more than she expects.

Natasha’s friends and family are conflicted on the subject of magic. Her youngest sister, her mother (who disappeared when she was 5 years old) and her aunt Elena firmly believe in it. Aunt Vera, Natasha’s middle sister, and Natasha’s best friend Molly are against the notion that magic exists. Natasha doesn’t know what side she should take. She truly wants to believe in magic, but something in her gut tells her not to.

Some strange things start to happen in Natasha’s normally calm town. First, the mysterious notes start coming to answer Natasha’s third wish. Then the Bird Lady, the resident “crazy” person, starts hanging around Natasha and making her more confused than she already is. Her aunts, father, and the Bird Lady all start mentioning someone named Emily, then denying they said anything, or telling Natasha it was nothing. Something fishy is up, and Natasha wants to get to the bottom of it.

Join her as she gets to the bottom of these oddities, and finds her place among friends and family. I really liked this book, and I hope you do too. It is not just a girls book, but at some points it is a little girl drama-y, so boys may not enjoy it as much as I did.toungues