The Highline!!!

Awesome Adventure!!!


The Sleepwalker!!!!

I recently visited The Highline. Even though it is a lot of walking, exploring the Highline is fun.

The Highline is an elevated park located in New York City. The view of the city is wonderful! It runs from Gansevoort Street three blocks below 14th Street to the northern edge of the West Side Yard on 34th Street. It’s 1.45 miles long (2.33 km).

The Highline was built on a section of railroad that is no longer used. The park has many attractions. There is a sculpture called the Sleepwalker. It’s a guy that is in his underwear sleep walking. The Highline is really crowded sometimes. About 5 million people visit the Highline each year. During weekends a lot of people go with their family. There are a lot of stores, restaurants, and attractions near the Highline. The MoMA (Museum Of Modern Art) and Chelsea Market are great places to visit.

I would recommend visiting the Highline because you would have so much fun your brain can explode!! In conclusion, the Highline is great!!