A New Puppy

Recently, I rescued a dog from a shelter in Sagaponack, Long Island near the Hamptons. I learned that there are a lot of responsibilities that you have to take on when you get any new pet.

Before we got my dog, whose name is Bella, we had to clean up the house, making sure that there was nothing dangerous that Bella could get into. Then, after she came, we had to make sure she didn’t go to the bathroom on the carpet. That’s one thing you have to train a new pet to do – their business outside, not inside. We also had to follow her around the house to make sure she didn’t eat anything she wasn’t supposed to eat.

At first, Bella used to jump up and put her front paws on the table when there was food on it. We had to train her not to do that, too.

Worst of all, puppies teethe. Not to hurt you, but they teethe just like babies do. If you don’t train them not to immediately, they can start to bite, and that does hurt you.

In my opinion, I think you should adopt animals from shelters rather than buying them from pet stores. One reason I think this is because shelters usually give you the entire background of the pet and they work hard to find the perfect dog or cat to fit your family. Pet stores don’t normally do that. Another reason is that when you adopt from animal shelters, you are saving a life.

My parents had to do a lot of work to adopt Bella. First, we started looking at dogs online. We filled out an application to the shelter. Then the shelter did a phone interview with us. A representative of the shelter did a home visit to meet the family. The woman who runs the shelter interviewed two family references (people who know our family and know we are a good family that will take care of a dog). After that we went to Bella’s foster home to meet her. Finally, we called back the foster home after we had discussed it and adopted Bella!

Dogs are great companions and they will help you get through any tough times. But when you get a dog, just know that they are a big responsibility!