Odysseus’ Loyal Dog

If you are a 10-12 year old who likes the traditional Greek myths, than you might like “Argos,” by Ralph Hardy.

The book tells the tale of Odysseus through the eyes of his dog Argos. Throughout the story, animals (mostly birds) bring Argos news of his master. Argos follows news of Odysseus from Polyphemus to Scylla to the Hyperboreans.

For those unfamiliar with the tale of Odysseus, the story might be a bit more exciting than I found it. After the Trojan War, Odysseus gets lost, (and out of favor with the gods) causing him and his crew to wander around on the oceans for ten years. He faced lots of trouble and monsters. Supposedly, the goddess Athena aided him home.

I did not particularly enjoy this book. While some parts were interesting and fully kept my attention, others were a little slow going. There was also a lot of flowery language and long-going sentences.

If you enjoy the traditional myths more than adaptations, and have patience for long descriptions, than you will probably like this book more than I did.Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.42.04 PM