This Book Was A “Good One”

If you are 9-12, and enjoy realistic fiction, you will love “Ms. Bixby’s Last Day,” by John David Anderson.

It tells the story of a sixth grade teacher, who has to unexpectedly leave before the year is over, and three of her students, Topher, Steve and Brand, who go to find her, to say goodbye. The boys risk what feels like everything to them to say au revoir to a truly great teacher.

Each boy has a connection to Ms. Bixby, whether she made him feel important, helped him up, or showed him what he really could do. Ms. Bixby is a “good one.”

The book is told from the three boys perspectives, Topher, an artist, Steve, the brains of the operation, whose parents push him a little too hard, and Brand, the one Ms. Bixby helped the most.

This was not an easy read, but it made up for that by being a great book, full of interesting plot twists and great characters. You will find yourself rooting for them no matter what. Even in the hardest parts, humor is incorporated to lighten the mood.

I will never forget this book, because as Topher says, you never forget the good ones.