Big Nate Flips Out


Big Nate Flips Out By Lincoln Peirce is a very funny book.  Nate is very sloppy and when it comes to losing a very expensive camera. Nate gets in some hot water with his friendship with Francis. In order to save his friendship, Nate has to go neat.

Five things I did like: 

Nate makes funny drawings like the time he drew himself as a superhero because he exaggerates his ideas to make them more funny.

Nate going neat after losing the camera. This is great because Nate finds out that Nick has the camera, and he is a bragger.    

Other funny parts of the book include Nate being afraid of cats because he has ailurophobia,  Dee Dee having a funny costume to spy on Randy and Nate realizing how to be sloppy again by sticking up to Randy for Francis.  

All of these ideas make you want to turn the page to find out more!

Things I didn’t like about Big Nate Flips Out:

Nate had to go neat to find the camera, but he really didn’t need to because Nick had it.  

Francis gets mad at Nate. They have been good friends since kindergarten. This seemed not believable because why would they fight over something so simple as a camera? 

I recommend this book to 3rd through 8th graders and people who like funny books. I  really liked this book because it kept me interested and I couldn’t put it down. I hope you like it as much as I did.