Hamstersaurus Rex

“Hamstersaurus Rex,” by Tom O’Donnell is a great book!

Sam and his classmates found a hamster in the corner of their classroom and the students named the hamster, Hamstersaurus Rex because of its features.

After they have a discussion about the hamster, the hamster escapes and nobody knows where he went. They couldn’t find him for a week. They put posters on the walls but he was nowhere to be found.

Sam has to stand up to a bully and he needs help from his best friend Dylan. He also needs to find his class pet. After Sam finds Hamstersaurus Rex, Hamstersaurus Rex eats some Dinoblast powder and he turns into a beast.

Sam doesn’t want anybody to know because everyone will know about Hamstersaurus Rex getting mutated, and they will not get another class pet. But it is hard because Hamstersaurus Rex has a huge appetite and Sam asks for a lot of food.

Will the class find Hamstersaurus Rex, or will Sam keep his secret?

I really liked this book and I recommend this book for 4th graders to 6th graders.