The Pages Between Us By Lindsey Leavett and Robin Mellom

The Pages Between Us By Lindsey Leavett and Robin Mellom

In  The Pages Between Us, by Lindsey Leavett and Robin Mellom, the main characters are two best friends, Piper and Olivia. Piper is sometimes funny, and loves soap operas, and Olivia is very smart and organized.

When for the first time since they started middle school, Piper and Olivia only have one class together, Piper finds the perfect notebook when out shopping with her mom. In this notebook, the girls can write letters back and forth together, so they can tell each other about their separate days.

At first, their plan works perfectly. They write each other secret notes while volunteering at the local rescue center. They write e-mails to each other on days that they’re absent. And when Piper is finally getting her first real birthday party, Olivia is there to help make her “cast” of invites. When a boy that Olivia likes has a class with her, Piper helps her to find the courage to maybe pass a note to him, or even possibly to talk to him.

Piper and Olivia both have enemies and fears, but they’re there for each other, they are best friends forever. Aren’t they?

The two are joining clubs to find friends for Piper’s birthday, and everything is going well, until they join the chess club. Brainy Olivia has finally found a place where she belongs. Olivia has even made a new friend and became the school’s champion. But Piper is more popular than smart, and is being harshly excluded. The chess club meets about four times a week, including on Saturdays, so Piper quits.

The girls have been drifting farther apart. Piper calls Olivia’s friends “chess snobs”, when they call her names. Olivia accuses Piper’s new friends of teasing her. But then the worst thing happens–Piper’s first birthday party is on the same day as Olivia’s really special chess championship, which would finally make her dad notice her more.

What will happen? Will one of the girls miss their event to be with the other? Or will the “terrific two”, no longer be so “terrific”. You must read the book to find out!

This book was written in (mostly) letters, e-mails, and blogs. I would think that girls, ages 9 to 12 would like this book. It was sometimes funny, and especially emotional towards the end of the book. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it 100%!!!!!!!