Queen of Katwe: An Inspiring Story

Queen of Katwe is a movie about a girl named Phiona Mutesi who lives in Katwe, Uganda.  She is very poor and makes little money selling maize.  She lives with her mom, Harriet Mutesi and her brother, Brian Mutesi.

One day, she is leaning on the door of a run down structure spying on the children inside.  Robert Katende, an adult who is the children’s youth leader, is there teaching the children how to play chess.  He asks Phiona to come in and gives her some hot porridge.

She begins learning how to play chess.  With guidance by Robert’s wife, a teacher in the local school, Phiona began learning how to read so she could read chess books.  The chess books helped her improve her game.

Chess provides Phiona with the oppurtunities that change her and her family’s life.

My favorite quote from that movie is: “In chess, the little one can become the big one.” – Gloria.

I would recommend seeing this movie because it is very inspiring.  It teaches you that even though you may be young or come from an extremely poor or uneducated background, you can still accomplish big things.