A Riddle in Ruby:The Changers Key

A Riddle in Ruby:The Changers Key

A Riddle in Ruby The Changers Key by Kent Davis is a great book.

Ruby Teach is a young girl who has been trapped in a prison because there is a secret in her blood. Now the evil has found this out and they have locked her in the Hold with a bag over her head. Things are getting serious!

Her friends Athena, Cram, and Henry are desperate to save her. Ruby Teach is being used to win the war because of the power in her blood.

Ruby’s mother is a woman who hasn’t been seen since Ruby’s birth but, she is the most powerful and without her Ruby’s chance of surviving is very slim.

Now the question is will Ruby find her friends and family and defeat evil or will her friends and family be captured along with her?

I really loved how this book slowly progressed, but it was very interesting and I could not put it down. I recommend this book to 10-14 year olds because the book has really sophisticated vocabulary and it slowly progresses.

If you love adventures like me then you will love this book.