Swing Sideways

Swing Sideways

Swing Sideways, by Nanci Turner Stevenson is about a girl named Annie who is from New York City and goes on a vacation every year in the country.

One year, Annie saw a girl in the cornfield on cranky old Mr. McMurty’s farm. Her name is California as in the state and Mr. McMurty is her grandfather.

California is on a mission to bring her mother [whom she calls Piper], back to their home on the farm. Piper and Mr. McMurty don’t like each other, even though that is Piper’s father.

Piper had a perfect life [at least before her mother died when she was 16], and her parents were rich so the girls want to find out why Piper left. Piper used to have ponies before she left so California thinks that finding Piper’s ponies will bring her home.

Annie wants to help because it will be adventurous. Annie’s mom doesn’t even know about California. While looking for the ponies, Annie and California find a dog and name him Field, as in where he was found.

Field is dying so the girls try to help him survive. Meanwhile, the girls are looking for clues about why Piper left, while also taking care of Field.

One day, California has a headache and her grandfather thinks she is sick. So she tells Annie to sneak out of her house to take care of Field. Is California sick? Does Annie get caught or does she feed him? Read the story to find out what happens next!

I would suggest this book for ages 9 through 12 and for girls and would give it a 100% rating. I really enjoyed the book and hope that you read it.