Moana! The new amazing Disney movie!

This movie was great! Moana is the daughter of the chief and chosen by the sea. When her grandma passes away she sends Moana to sail the demigod Maui across the sea and put the stone back to stop the darkness. They need to save their island, Te Fiti. They sail across the sea and fight many creatures (ex. A crab, that loves to be shiny!).

Moana and Maui fight their enemies, the Kakmuaras on their ship! Moana took them down! Maui has this spear that can make him shape shift into anything (He loves turning into a eagle.)

At first when Maui gets back his spear after fighting the crab that keeps shiny things, he can’t control it. At the end Moana and Maui fight this big lava monster that’s bringing the darkness!

I really liked this movie!! There are sad parts, and super cool amazing parts! The movie is full of adventure and there are a lot of funny scenes. I really recommend anyone to watch it! My 25-year-old cousins even loved it!

Anyone would love this amazing movie!! Go watch it now!