Center for Science Teaching and Learning


Center for Science Teaching and Learning

In November, I went to the Center for Science Teaching and Learning with my cousin. It is in Rockville Center.

The first time I went I learned about concoctions. We all made this goo ball with glue, paint, and something else. We also went outside to make a mixture including hydrogen peroxide. It wasn’t so powerful because it was only 3% but it was still very cool.

Last, we used water and cornstarch to make oobleck. It was hard while it was in the bowl, but when you try to pick it up it was a liquid!

I also went to CSTL to learn about… bugs! We all went bug hunting outside.

I felt so grossed out when I saw a couple of huge millipedes… or maybe they were centipedes. We also colored beetles and hid them around the place. Also we got to see Madagascar hissing roaches, stick bugs, and mealworms. One mealworm was albino!

You should try going to this place. Its fun with many different subjects and activities!