I Even Funnier by James Patterson


Have you read the book I Funny?  I Even Funnier is the 2nd book in the series. I thought it was written really well  and is very funny.  I have two reasons why I liked it:

  1. It’s funny  because of the jokes like this one  ” I think Godzilla would be a great garbage collector because he can just eat the trash!”   Get it?  Many of the jokes kept me laughing while I read and kept me reading just to hear the next one.
  2. I liked the idea that Jamie, the main character, is trying to be the funniest kid in the world.  The quest of competition kept me reading to where I couldn’t wait  for Jamie to go to L.A. and compete for the wild card semi-finals ( Yay!)

One reason I didn’t like this book is because it used ” hot ” jokes… like this one… ” My friend Gilda Gold is hot. ”  Not really a joke, is it?

Jamie has some really funny jokes, but I don’t want to tell you anymore.   You’ll have to read I Even Funnier for yourselves!   I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good laugh. I hope you like it as much as I did.