Do you like soccer? Do you like women’s sports? And the most important part is do you like books? If so, I guarantee that you’ll like this book! 

“Forward” is about Abby Wambach, who was born in Florida in a very small conservative town.

She was amazing at soccer! She had many talents, but soccer was the one that stood out. She won a few and she lost a few, and it seemed like soccer was all she thought about, but that’s just a little piece!

She had romance in her life as well! She never was attraced to men, but she was attracted to women. She soon got girlfriends without her parents knowing, since she knew her parents would be angry. They were very conservative so knowing that their child was gay would be scary for them, though Abby was fine with being gay.

When it came to picking colleges she had many scholarships from soccer. Her parents wanted her to pick a college in Florida, but she refused to go there. Instead, she went to a college in Washington DC, where she joined a women’s soccer team that was very poor.

At that time mens soccer was in, and nobody focused on women’s soccer.

Abby was progressive. She found her way into the 2008 World Cup with other good women, like Alex Morgan and Hope Solo! With an exciting loss to Japan that put them in second place, they were happy!

They then got in the Olympics and won gold against Japan! As they went on, USA women’s soccer was more successful than the men’s soccer, But men’s soccer players were still paid twice what the women were!

With help from fans and media, Abby went to fight for equality!

Soon Abby found love again and got married to a woman named Sarah. They bought a house in Portland. With Abby out playing soccer, Sarah had to manage the house. Abby wanted to move to New York and Washington DC. They disagreed, their love and dreams together were disintegrating and, after the worst fight in their marriage they decided to break up.

For weeks Abby was sad and alone, but eventually she learned that, sometimes to go forward you need to look back.

I adored the book! I could read hours of this and not get bored! After each chapter it leaves you hanging on the edge It’s so good!

This book is appropriate for anyone over 10 years old.  Although its a pretty easy book to read,  the whole story itself is hard. You can read the book over and over and have each time see it from a different perspective!