Like Magic By: Elaine Vickers


Like Magic, by Elaine Vickers is a terrific book! It starts off telling a story about each girl. Every two chapters focuses on one of the three main characters, Grace, Jada, and Malia.

The first chapter is about Grace whose best friend just moved away so she is very depressed. Then Grace finds a treasure box. When she finally opens it, she finds out it is empty. Grace is heartbroken because she was looking forward to what was in there. But instead of moping around Grace decides to fill it with something that means a lot to her.

The next mini-story is about Jada. She just moved to Utah with her father. Her mother had left her father to become an actress. Jada really wants to see her mother again, so when she gets older Jada wants to move to New York to find her mother.

In the meantime Jada goes to the library and sneaks into the back office. Then she looks in the lost and found and sees a few bracelets (which she takes) and a treasure box.

Since Jada hears someone coming she quickly takes the box and gets out of there. When Jada gets home she finds the clue that Grace had previously left and opened the box. When Jada opened the box she saw what Grace had left in there.

Feeling inspired Jada decides to draw a small picture on a postcard of her favorite painting by Jacob Lawrence “Brownstones.”

The third story is about Malia. It is Malia’s birthday and she is very sad because her mother is not there with her but in a hospital room pregnant. Malia is worried that she isn’t her parent’s special girl anymore.

Later that day Malia goes to the library and finds the treasure box and takes it home. Then she opens it using Grace’s clue. Inside Malia sees what both Grace and Jada left. After reading the poem that is on the box, Malia wants to put something that was special to her a long time ago … playing the harp.

Later on in the book they each find their own problems seem so big but, with each treasure that they leave and find the more their problems seem to get smaller. In the end Grace, Jada, and Malia all become best friends and now they don’t feel so alone.

This book was alright but not my favorite. I don’t always like to read about girl drama, I prefer fantasy. If you like to read about girl drama, however, I would recommend this book. The book is appropriate for kids who are 11-12 years old.