Eerie Elementary

School Freezes Over!

School Freezes Over, by Jack Chabert, is the fifth book in the series of the Eerie Elementary books. I didn’t read the first four but this book was still very cool.

The kids, Sam, Antonio, and Lucy, are very courageous. The school’s founder was a scientist, Orson Eerie with a special plan in mind.

For his plan to work, the temperature in the school had to drop to 13 degrees. Orson could control the school because instead of dying he became the school.

It said Eerie Elementary was a living breathing thing that fed on students!

The kids have to get to the teachers lounge and turn on the heat. But it’s not that easy!

Read the book to find out what happens. So as you can all see, this is a cool, short, and adventurous book.

I would recommend this book to 8-11 year olds. Most likely you would finish it in a day but it is still a very fun book. You should really read this book!