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Kalahari Waterpark

In the summer of 2016, I went to an indoor waterpark called Kalahari. I went to the one located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. There are other locations too. It is not too far away. It took us about two hours to get there from Valley Stream.

Even before you go inside the building, you can see that it is an African theme. There are statues of elephants, gorillas, lions, and more. Once you get inside, the lobby is even cooler. There is a view of the waterpark from the lobby, and there is a model of the waterpark under a glass dome on a table.

Our room was cool. It had a fridge, a coffee maker, comfortable beds, and a safe for our special items. We had wristbands to open our door. The wristbands also got us into the waterpark.

Before we went to the waterpark, we went to get some grub. I had French fries, a hot dog, and a blue raspberry Slurpee. There was a buffet where we had dinner and breakfast. The pizza was delicious, and the chicken was not bad. I did not really care for anything else, but those are my taste buds. If you go, see what you like.

And now for the real fun – the waterpark! When I went in, the air was moist and warm. When I actually saw the waterpark, I was so amazed. It was wondrous. There were lockers to rent. Some of the water rides were the lazy river, Wild Wildebeast, Anaconda, two hot tubs-one indoors and one outdoors, and many more. My favorite ride however was the Barreling Baboon. It was a four person tube ride. That went up, down, and side to side. I wanted to try the FlowRider (a surfing ride), but when I saw a dude lose his swim trunks, I changed my mind. Here is a warning, I would not recommend trying the Tanzanian Twister. My dad tried it. He lost his glasses for a short time and had to have some help swimming out. It is seven feet deep. So remember, if you ever go to Kalahari, remember to read the signs before going on a ride.

After we went to the waterpark, we went to the arcade. There were many games. I tried three or four times to get a big stuffed dog on a crane machine. The dog was 15 inches by 10 inches. After all that hard work, I got it! I also won some tickets. I got a fan with my tickets. It wasn’t an electric fan. It was a fan that you held in your hands.

I really hope I go back again. Especially since they will be opening Phase II in the spring of 2017. You should really go to the Kalahari Resort.