Little Shop of Horrors

Welcome to the Little Shop of Horrors! Not the place of course! The musical! So get ready for a thrill because you just entered the Adams Theater! This time we’re watching the Little Shop of Horrors directed by Jennifer Hart at Hofstra University. You just paid barely anything for a play you’ll never forget, a play filled with mind-blowing events, with romance and with disaster!

When Seymour Kelborn is adopted by Mr. Mushnik and his daughter Audrey in a run-down flower shop on a run-down road called, “Skid Row,” Seymour has trouble with working and then one day, the solar eclipse comes down and then, POOF, in the middle of the shop a new unknown plant appears, Audrey II!

With this magnificent plant on display, money comes flooding in.

The plant becomes a hit! TV! The Sullivan Show! Radio!

Until, the plant starts to die… Seymour gives it sunshine, he’s given it water, he’s given Audry II soil, but it still won’t grow! While Seymour’s setting up the plants a rose cuts him! Then Audrey II comes up blood thirsty for it! Audrey II sucks the blood all up! Soon Audrey II starts to grow! Will Audrey II become a bloodthirsty, man eating, plant? Find out!

It’s great, come and see it! (But, if you miss it, don’t worry: There’s a movie as well.) I would recommend this for any ages. It’s a great family play or movie.