“Sing” is an amazing, new, PG rated movie. After seeing the title, you probably already know what the movie is about – singing.

The characters are animals. My favorite character was Johnny, the gorilla. I think he was the best singer.

In the beginning, it seemed that the characters were not appreciated for their singing except a mean mouse. He took money from a poor guy, after he gave him a penny!

In the movie, Mr. Moon (a koala), owns Moon Theater. He wants their next show to be a singing competition, so he holds auditions at the theater and a lot of animals audition .

I thought he would have picked more animals than the ones he picks. Personally, I also thought it was a tough decision. The prize money for the winner was $100,000, but there was… a mistake.

I would recommend this movie to pretty much everyone. I loved this movie! Go and see the movie, and find out what happens!