Foreign Language

Foreign Language

It’s time to choose our foreign language!!

All sixth graders of the Gates Chili Middle School went to a Foreign Language presentation. We listened to some 7th and  8th graders talk about the foreign languages. The four foreign languages offered at our school include: Spanish, Latin, French, and Italian. Students have the same language for both 7th and 8th grade, and they can not switch.

So we had to take sometime to think about our decisions. Here is some background information about the languages.

French originated from France. Other places that speak French include Belgium and Burkina.

Italian came from Italy, but more places speak this language like Sardinia and San Marino.

Many countries speaking Spanish include Spain, Costa Rica, Cuba, and more.

Latin also originated from Italy. Many people speak languages that come from Latin, like Portuguese and Romanian.

The following words will mean, “Hello my name is…” in the four different languages. “Hola mi nombre es” is Spanish.”Ciao il mio nome e’ ” is Italian. “Bonjour, mon nom est” is French. “Salve mihi nomen est” is Latin.


In the foreign language classes you get a chance to try the food from the different places that the languages come from. You also have a chance to practice the different traditions of those countries. Sometimes you can dress for the traditions. We hope we choose the right path!

The Latin Alphabet

Au Revoir! (That means goodbye in French)