New Serial Story – Starting next week! The Path to Freedom

A Statewide Serial Story made possible with funding from the New York State United Teachers


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I’m fairly certain everyone reading this knows something about the American Revolution despite the fact that it was fought well over 200 years ago.

The Path to Freedom, a new serialized story written by our own YVNY editor, Mike Peterson and illustrated by Christopher Baldwin, should give you all an opportunity to learn a few things you probably don’t know about that time in our nation’s history.

Instead of focusing on specific details about fighting during the war, this story is told from the perspective of two young teenagers as they follow their father’s militia in support of preparations and the fighting of the two battles that occurred in Saratoga during the late summer and fall of 1777.

Here’s a “book jacket” summary:

When Burgoyne’s forces storm down the Champlain Valley and capture the American fortress at Ticonderoga, young Luke Van Gelder joins other patriots in felling trees, destroying bridges and otherwise blocking the British army from advancing on Fort Edward, then, along with his father and his sister Sylvie, follows the American army down the Hudson to the twin battles at Saratoga that will determine the fate of the infant nation.

So be sure to check back here next week to read about Luke and Sylvie, find out about how you can enter a student essay contest and potentially win a cash prize of $100 for yourself and your school’s library!


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